Making a Difference

As parent, teacher, or community member, your voice matters and our schoolteachers and children benefit from your advocacy.  Teaching reading is a complex process that cannot be learned easily or in a single course.  Nor can any one test or program tell us everything we need to know about teaching all children. to read  As an advocate, you can help shape the public discourse and education policy to help all kids learn to read.  This site will provide you with some of the resources you need to get started. 


Links to Online Resources


Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties Podcast

Dr. Donna Scanlon from the University at Albany talks about early reading and dyslexia.

Presentation about The Dyslexia Debate

Dr. Joe Elliot, author of The Dyslexia Debate, presents at the NY State Reading Conference Regional Event in Albany, NY in October 2019.

Presentation about Reading as a Complex Process

Presentation made to the Wisconsin state legislature by Dr. Donna Scanlon from the University at Albany, New York

New Position Statement from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

This position statement summarizes instructional foundations and policy recommendations on reading instruction.